About Us

Our story

Fyiplanet provides design services for products such as hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts or some other products and accessories that are printed according to customer requirements.

Our mission is to realize our customers’ dream shirts. After the customer places an order and describes the requirement for the ordered product, our design team will create sketches of the product, then pass it on to our printing partners, who will proceed to manufacture the product, package and ship it immediately to the customer upon order completion.

The saving of warehouse management costs is an advantage for us to invest more in product quality and customer service. Our goal is to maximize our customers’ consumer experience of our products. Good reviews and recommendations from customers to their family and friends will be a great source of motivation for us to strive to bring top quality products that are affordable for the majority of people.

We hope that our customers will love our products and have a great shopping experience at Fyiplanet.


Phone: +1 (919) 666-2111

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1673 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80220.